As a non-profit FIRST group, the ÜberBots strive to use donor's money to advance the team, students’ knowledge of STEM and other important life skills. Students who join have the opportunities to develop and apply skills such as mechanical engineering, wiring, coding with java, writing, marketing, business, and many others. But that’s not all our robotics team does. We volunteer and help out around the Avon community especially in the library where we hold our Senior Mentoring Classes to teach the elderly how to use new technology! A donation to the ÜberBots helps us continue to help our community while allowing our team to continue building robots and participating in FIRST with other teams from all over the world!

The sponsors get something out of their donation too! Other than updates and notices explaining what their money helped the team do, they also receive benefits including their company’s logo being displayed on our shirts, robot, media profiles, and/or banners. If you’re interested in sponsoring our team please contact us!