ÜberBots 1124

ÜberBots - Team 1124 - Avon High School Robotics

Established in 2003, The ÜberBots, FRC Team 1124 was created by a group of students and mentors who wanted to bring their learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to the next level. Every year, we spend the start of our build season designing, building, and programming robots during our six and a half week build seasons. Next, we compete in a new, challenging game designed by the organization FIRST. We also spread knowledge of STEM throughout our community during our off-season period with a multitude of community events. We volunteer at local events in our community and even make our own in order to spread STEM awareness in our community. Since 2003, our team has gone on to accomplish many feats; reaching the semi-finals in the New England Championships and even competing in the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis.

Build Robots

We have six and a half weeks to build a competition ready robot


We compete in a series of district events, with the end goal of winning the world championship in St.Louis!

Community Outreach

We actively take part in volunteer and community events


We give members the knowledge and skills they need to pursue careers in STEM fields

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Our team is always looking for donations, if you want to support what we do please consider become a sponsor!

Join The Team

Intrested in joining team 1124? Do you think you have what it takes? Great! get in contact with us!