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Posted on 3rd Jun 2016

By Erin Weston (President)

Alright, a long, long time ago (approx. 3 days ago), the 2016-17 management team met to decide what our plans are for the moment. Since we decided we don't want to clog your inboxes with less important frequent updates, we thought a blog format would be a nice format to make things such as meeting minutes accessible to everyone quickly. Following this meeting, a shadowy figure (it was Erin) approached Shmish at a predetermined meeting place (it was the library) to request a team blog. So, this blog is here now, everyone on management (and Shmish) contributes to it, and it will be the regularly updated place for reference information (such as meeting minutes, budget updates, other things that we've already done, not things we're going to do as they require more attention). Thank you, goodnight.