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Posted on 15th Sep 2016

By President

Ooh, it's been a while, but anyway, now that the year's started, we got a loooooot of stuff to do, even if it doesn't seem like it. Tonight is the school's open house, which means ~8 of you should be there at 6pm to move Cinnamon to the gallery and set up before open house starts. Open house is mostly parents, so Mrs. Weston (my mom) will be attempting to interest them as well as their children. Because it's open house (so we can't exactly use the galley) and the workshop is pretty clean at this point, there's not going to be a normal meeting tonight. Tomorrow a few people are going to Barnes & Noble to help the library with an event, so that's happening. There won't be a normal meeting next Tuesday either because we're having ÜberNoober night!!! We're basically advertising ourselves to anyone who shows up, so it would be a good idea to engage people as much as possible. Thursday's a normal meeting, but hopefully we'll have a bunch of new members, so it'll be really busy. That covers the next week. Maybe I'll post something next Thursday.